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Support Request Research Netwerk Activities

The N.W. Posthumus Institute (NWP) has limited means available for supporting research-related events organized by members of the Posthumus community. In specific cases financial support of publications is also possible; see criterium 4 below for the applicable conditions. Support is coordinated through the Posthumus research networks.

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Before submitting a request for such support, applicants should contact the Netwerk Coordinators of the network(s) involved. In any case applications should respect and meet the following criteria:

  1. The event is open to a substantial part of the NWP community and is announced well in advance through this website and the NWP newsletter.
  2. The university or research institute where the activity takes place will also contribute, either by financial contribution and/or a contribution in kind (rooms, catering etc.).
  3. Funding is available for catering, rooms and other general facilities and for travel costs and hotel accommodation of keynote speakers and expert lecturers, but in principle not for travel costs or hotel accommodation of regular participants.
  4. Funding for publications is available, provided that the publication is 1) intended to disseminate the research results of multiple members of the NWP community (including at least one PhD candidate affiliated with the NWP PhD Training Programme) and 2) the contribution is a supplement to more substantial means from other funding sources.
  5. Funding per network via the NWP is limited to 2,000 euro per network per calendar year, but also to a total of 9,000 euro annually for all research networks combined.
  6. If approved, please take note that payment always takes place after the event, relates to actual costs incurred, and is based on the submission of a financial statement specifying these costs.


  • Initiators should get approval from the Network Coordinator(s) of the network(s) involved on the content of the event. In case multiple networks are involved, the initiators indicate to each of the networks which other networks they will contact or have contacted.
  • The initiators submit their application through the online form. We advise initiators to use the checklist below to gather all required data beforehand.
  • The  Scientific Director and the Office Manager of the NWP will perform the logistic and financial assessment.
  • After the assessments have been completed, the staff of the N.W. Posthumus Institute will inform the initiators as well as the Network Coordinators involved via e-mail about the outcome and, if the application is approved, also about the details of procurement and reimbursement.

Some practical suggestions

  • We recommend you to combine a Network Event with another event directed at a broader audience (e.g. first day masterclass for selected participants, second day symposium open to all). In our experience, this will help you to obtain co-funding from other parties, including from the institute you are affiliated with.
  • Make sure to announce your event well on time.


You will need to have the following data available for submitting your application

  • Title of the event
  • Dates and location
  • Names and affiliations of invited keynotes / expert lecturers
  • (Expected) number of participants in total and the expected number of Posthumus participants
  • In case you expect the number of participants to be larger than the venue size allows, make sure to have selection criteria
  • Co-funding sources including amounts
  • Cost estimates for:
    • Accommodation for keynotes / expert lecturers
    • Travel costs for keynotes / expert lecturers
    • Venue costs
    • Catering costs
    • Other expenses (specified)

How to apply

As the application form is for Posthumus affiliates only, you will need a specific link and password. Both will be provided through the Network Coordinators.