Research School for Economic and Social History

PhD Candidates – Cohort 2020

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Tessa de Boer (Leiden University)
Dutch exploitation of French colonial resources, 1600-1800
Nicolas Brunmayr (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Food trade, quality control and power relations in Cologne and in the Rhine Region (14th – 15th centuries)
Tom De Waele (Ghent University)
Fiscal regimes in Flanders. Seigneurial surplus extraction and princely fiscality (ca. 1440 – 1795)
Ishka Desmedt (Ghent University)
Tracing the roots of resistance. Critical communities and the protest against genetically modified organisms in Belgium, The Netherlands and France (1983-2003)
Joël Edouard (Radboud University)
Information networks and the Dutch slave trade in the Indian Ocean world (c.1640-1795)
Adam Hall (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Managing markets: commercial institutions in the principalities of the Burgundian-Habsburg Low Countries compared
Jesse Hollestelle (Ghent University)
Lordship and state formation in Flanders between c. 1500 and c. 1800
Arnoud Jensen (University of Antwerp)
Peasants into stewards. Leasehold and environmental stewardship in the late medieval Low Countries, 1200-1400
Karlijn Luk (Leiden University)
Conflicts between migrants and locals in Leiden and Rotterdam, 1600-1800
Bente Marschall (University of Antwerp)
Extra-territoriality in the late medieval city. Urban agency and the meaning of enclaves and liberties in the urban social and economic fabric (14th-16th centuries)
Daniél Moerman (VU Amsterdam)
‘When the well is dry’. Drinking water and climate adaptation in the eastern Netherlands, 1500-1900
Ramona Negrón (Leiden University)
The Dutch exploitation of Spanish colonial resources in the early modern period
Stan Pannier (VLIZ / KU Leuven)
Enterprising merchants in the global Atlantic: Austrian-Netherlandish trade with West and Central Africa, 1776-1786
Peter Postma (Leiden University)
“Nothing matters but the future.” Dutch captains of industry in-exile and their visions of the Netherlands in a changing world order (1938-1948)
Jasper Segerink (University of Antwerp)
Accommodating (im)mobility. Spaces of accommodation as hubs between global migration flows and local urban life, 1850-1930
Samantha Sint Nicolaas (IISH / Leiden University)
Migrants and the courts in Amsterdam and Delft, 1600-1800
Yannis Skalli-Housseini (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Fiscal policy and social inequality in the 18th-century Austrian Netherlands (1749-1794)
Robin Rose Southard (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
The organization of the urban food supply: reality and fiction of the corporative system in eighteenth-century Brussels
Melinda Susanto (Leiden University)
The Dutch East India Company and circulations of medical knowledge and goods in the Indian Ocean world, 1600-1800
Lena Walschap (KU Leuven)
Seas of risk and resilience: peasant fishing on the late medieval English coasts as a coping strategy against climate-induced hazards
Jurriaan Wink (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Managing markets: commercial institutions in the Sticht, the Oversticht, and Guelders during the Burgundian and Habsburg period compared
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