Research School for Economic and Social History

PhD Candidates – Cohort 2021

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Max-Quentin Bischoff (University of Antwerp)
Merchants’ futures. Plans and expectations in the correspondence of the Tucher trading company (c.1520-c.1550)
Alberto Concina (KU Leuven)
Rethinking the impact of economic growth: A comparative study of rural market and subaltern economies in early modern Italy (1650-1800)
Silke Geven (University of Antwerp)
Selling the City of Arts. Urban tourism and the advent of city marketing in Belgium (1880-1980)
Lith Lefranc (University of Antwerp)
Implicit bias in everyday interactions taking place on the streets of the modernising city (ca. 1860-1940)
Afra Carleen de Mars (Maastricht University)
The social and landscape history of the Domaniale Mijn (Kerkrade)
Rozemarijn Moes (Radboud Universiteit)
Kitchen or capital? Elite women’s role in financial household and estate management in eighteenth-century Guelders
Pichayapat Naisupap (Leiden University)
Emblematic capital: elephants and the making of the Dutch overseas empire, 1600-1800
Jessica den Oudsten (Radboud University)
Integration and social mobility: the descendants of early modern immigrants in Amsterdam, 1660-1811
Mark Raat (Fryske Akademy / University of Groningen)
The historical development of the Frisian peatland area, 1600-1970
Dinos Sevdalakis (University of Groningen)
Fertility and mortality transitions in sub-Saharan Africa, 1880-1980
Bas Spliet (University of Antwerp)
The embarrassment of riches? Inequality and the Dutch material culture. Amsterdam, 1581-1780
Vany Susanto (University of Amsterdam)
Colonial citizens? Popular politics and social identities in early modern Batavia
Hanna te Velde (IISH / Leiden University)
De sociaaleconomische positie van vrouwen in het vroegmoderne Nederlandse koloniale wereldrijk
Thalassa de Waal (University of Groningen)
The allocation of capital: do stock exchanges matter for economic growth?
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