Research School for Economic and Social History

Application Procedure Posthumus Research Master programme

Admission requirements

The Posthumus Research Master Courses are open to students at one of the member universities participating in the Posthumus Institute who are admitted to a Research Master in History  or to a Research Master in a neighbouring discipline such as Economics, Sociology, Anthropology or Geography.

Advanced students who are not enrolled in a Research Master Programme, but who do have PhD plans already may be admitted as well; in that case, additional motivation letters from the applicant as well as from a supervisor will be necessary. For more info on this, please contact the Posthumus Institute.

Structure and follow-up

The Posthumus Research Master Courses are meant to be courses to fit in the ‘free space’ of your local Master programme.

The courses are complementary to each other: together they give a strong background in economic and social science history. It is however also possible to follow parts the courses separately. Graduates who have successfully engaged in the Posthumus courses and networks are highly qualified to apply for a PhD-position.

The basic pattern of the Posthumus Research Master is that students enroll in a Research MA at one of the member universities of the N.W. Posthumus Institute. They take their local introductory courses, then participate in the Posthumus courses, and finally write their Master-thesis at the university they are enrolled at.


In the Netherlands, it is mandatory for every Research Master student to register with one of the National Research Schools. This registration takes places through your home faculty at the start of your Research Master. You are more than welcome to join one of our Posthumus courses, even if you have registered with another Research School. We would, however, like to know whether you have registered with the Posthumus Institute or not. You can indicate this on the Application Form.

How to apply for the Posthumus Research Master Courses

Your course application is complete when you have filled out and submitted the Application Form. It is not necessary to register for the course at the university where the course is given.

It is possible to take part in more than one course during your Research Master. If you would like to follow another course after you have already applied for the programme, you do not need to apply again. In that case, please contact the office manager of the Posthumus Institute about which course you would like to apply for.

Questions and info

If you want more information on (one of) the courses, or if you have questions regarding the application procedure, please contact the office manager of the Posthumus Institute.