Research School for Economic and Social History


12 - 13 December 2024
Maastricht, exact locations tba

Posthumus PhD Seminar I to be held in Maastricht, 12-13 December 2024

The N.W. Posthumus Institute is happy to announce that Seminar I, ‘My research in a nutshell’, to be attended by the PhDs enlisted in cohort 2024 of the N.W. Posthumus PhD Training Programme, will be hosted by Maastricht University on 12 and 13 December 2024 under the guidance of Dr Joris Roosen, Assistant Professor of Regional History at FASoS and head of research and vice-director at the Centre for the Social History of Limburg (SHCL).

Through this one- or two-days seminar, the new cohort PhD students get to know each other and their projects. The seminar provides a forum to present initial ideas and get feedback from both other starting researchers and two Posthumus fellows. Prior to the meeting every participant writes a short research note (in English) about the historiographical background and the substance of the project: ‘My project in a Nutshell’, in order to position the project in the academic debate. Participants will read and discuss each other’s notes.

Those already enlisted will be informed by e-mail. Please note that signing up for the 2024 cohort is still possible until the deadline of 15 October 2024.

We are looking forward to welcome our new PhDs to Maastricht in December!

Image credits: Image created by CumulusNL from NL Wikimedia, published under Creative Commons license BY-SA 3.0