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Posthumus alumnus Sam Geens awarded Thirsk-Feinstein PhD Dissertation Prize 2024 by Economic History Society

Posthumus alumnus Dr Sam Geens (University of Antwerp) was one of the two laureates receiving the Thirsk-Feinstein PhD Dissertation Prize 2024 at the 2024 annual conference of the Economic History Society (EHS). He received this award for his thesis ‘A Golden Age for labour? Income and wealth before and after the Black Death in the Southern Low Countries and the Republic of Florence, 1275-1550’.

The Thirsk-Feinstein PhD Dissertation Prize is annually awarded by the EHS for outstanding PhD theses successfully defended the year before. Sam successfully defended his thesis in 2023 at the University of Antwerp; you can find more info on and the link to his thesis below.

The N.W. Posthumus Institute staff congratulates Sam with this award!