Research School for Economic and Social History


11 - 12 April 2024
STAM Ghent City Museum, Bijlokesite Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Conference ‘Feeding the citizens? Urban land and landownership in past and present’ – registration for non-presenting participants open until 1 April 2024

On 11-12 April 2024, organisers Tim Soens, Cécile Bruyet (UAntwerp), Esther Beeckaert (STAM Ghent), Yves Segers (KULeuven), Thijs Lambrecht (Ghent University) welcome you at the conference ‘Feeding the Citizens? Urban land and landownership in past and present’, to be held at the premises of STAM Ghent City Museum.

Crossing present-day debates on land-based food supplies with different configurations of urban land and landownership in the past, this workshop welcomes contributions from different geographic regions and differenttime periods, as well as papers on present-day experiences of urban land and landownership, and how suchexperiences might find inspiration in the past.

For the full programme, please visit the conference website. Registration for non-presenting participants has opened now and is possible until 1 April 2024. Please note that a registration fee applies.