Research School for Economic and Social History


8 February 2024
Hanna Ahrendt Instituut, Zoutwerf 5, Mechelen (Belgium)

PhD Defence Posthumus alumna Hannah Fluit

On 8 February 2024, Posthumus alumna Hannah Fluit will defend her thesis ‘Piety, poverty, and politics. The dynamics of Vincentian charity in modern belgium (1840-1945)’. The defence will be at the Hanna Ahrend Institute in Mechelen. Promotores are Professor Kaat Wils (KU Leuven) and Professor Bert De Munck (University of Antwerp), with Professor Patrick Loobuyck (University of |Antwerp) as co-promotor. Focusing on ‘Vincentian’ charities for lay women and men, Hannah’s study explores the intricate relationship between the spiritual and social objectives of charity in Belgium. Spanning from the early 1840s to the tumultuous era of the Second World War, the investigation traces the Vincentian organization’s development amid societal transformations

The Posthumus staff wishes Hannah a succesful defence!