Research School for Economic and Social History

Seminars Series

Wageningen University – RHI Seminars – every 2nd Thursday of each month – registration appreciated

How and why have economies grown historically? Why and how did worldwide inequalities come into being? How have people all over the world in the past up to the present dealt with the issue of providing a living for themselves and their families? To what extent did they do so either in harmony or in conflict with their surrounding natural environments? And how did this all develop over time?

The RHI seminar aims to address these and other questions by organizing monthly lectures and papers on concrete empirical case studies from economic and social history. The organisers explicitly welcome a lively debate on the presented work, and therefore usually distribute the papers beforehand. RHI seminars in principle take place every second Thurday of the month (see below for actual scheduled dates). They are open to the public, but with regard to accommodation and distribution of the paper in advance, prior notice of attention to the Economic and Environmental History Group is appreciated.