Research School for Economic and Social History


26 June 2023
The Norwegian Institute at Athens, 5 Tsami Karatasou, Athens, Greece

Conference ‘Gender discrimination in Modern Greece’

The organisers of the Conference ‘Gender discrimination in Modern Greece’ welcome proposals for this single-day conference, to be held at the Norwegian Institute at Athens.

Recent research not only argues that female infanticide and the mortal neglect of female infants was more common in Modern Greece than previously acknowledged, but also that Greek parents continued to treat boys and girls differently throughout childhood (in terms of food and care). These discriminatory practices, arising from a strong son preference and girls’ inferior status, therefore unduly increased female mortality rates early in life and resulted in a significant number of ‘missing girls’ during the 19th century and the fist decades of the 20th century.

The novelty of this argument, together with the problems that Greek historical sources pose, requires further research on these issues, so this conference invites proposals studying discriminatory practices against girls and women in general in Modern Greece. The organisers encourage interdisciplinary discussion, so contributions from a wide range of disciplines (historians, ethnographers, demographers, economists, sociologists, etc.) using both qualitative and quantitative materials are welcome.

Please contact Eftychia Kalaitzdou MA if you are interested in submitting a proposal. All proposals should be submitted by 15 April 2023 (extended deadline).