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Book offers

Although we generally do not include book offers in our website or newsletters, we thought it wise to make an exception for two book offers we received recently, because of their relevance for Posthumus affiliates. Please note that all contact regarding these offers are between you and the supplier, the N.W. Posthumus Institute is no party in this matter.

Free copies Inequality and the City

The first offer concerns a limited number of free copies of the publication Inequality and the City in the Low Countries (1200-2020), eds. Bruno Blondé, Sam Geens, Hilde Greefs, Wouter Ryckbosch, Tim Soens, Peter Stabel.

Social inequality is one of the most pressing global challenges at the start of the 21st century. Meanwhile, across the globe at least half of the world’s population lives in urban agglomerations, and urbanisation is still expanding. This book engages with the complex interplay between urbanisation and inequality. In doing so it concentrates on the Low Countries, one of the oldest and most urbanised societies of Europe. It questions whether the historic poly-nuclear and decentralised urban system of the Low Countries contributed to specific outcomes in social inequality. In doing so, the authors look beyond the most commonly used perspective of economic inequality. They instead expand our knowledge by exploring social inequality from a multidimensional perspective. This book includes essays and case-studies on cultural inequalities, the relationship between social and consumption inequality, the politics of (in)equality, the impact of shocks and crises, as well as the complex social relationships across the urban network and between town and countryside.

A limited number of copies is available free of charge on the base of ‘first come, first served’. Please use the button below to access the order form.

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Offer from personal collection em. Professor Knotter

The second offer is by emeritus Professor Ad Knotter, who offers some standard works form his own library to those interested free of charge. The offer concerns some standard works in Economic and Social History:

  • AAG-bijdragen 8-23 en 29-39
  • Economisch-Historisch Jaarboek VI-XVIII en XXX-LVI
  • NEHA-Jaarboek en NEHA-bulletin 1994-2002
  • Economic and Social History in the Netherlands (6 dln)

For this offer, also based on ‘first come, first served’, you can contact professor Knotter directly via e-mail, please use the button below for this.