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PhD Position ‘The History of the Second Feminist Wave in the Netherlands’ (Radboud University) – deadline 31 October 2023

The Radboud Institute for Culture & History (RICH) offers a PhD position to work on an oral history project concerning the history of feminism and women’s movements in the Netherlands in the period 1965-1990.

This PhD project will explore the complexity and diversity of the history of feminist movements in the years 1965-1990. Traditionally, historical research on the second feminist wave in the Netherlands has largely been published by those involved in the movement itself with a focus on well-known groups and individuals. The result is that a variety of women related to the second feminist wave are missing from previous studies. By studying these women, you will make an innovative contribution to the historiography of feminism in the Netherlands. The Phd will study groups and individuals that have not been very visible in the historiography so far. For example organisations of female journalists, abortion doctors and nurses, the Turkish workers’ women’s movement Hollanda Türkiye Kadinlar Birligi, politicians, trade unions, organisations of Black and migrant women, or other local, regional or national or transnational organisations.

Oral history will be the central research method. Throughout the research project, the PhD candidate will explore the added value of oral history in cultural-historical research with an intersectional and cultural approach, paying specific attention to gender, ethnicity, class and region. Part of the project will involve establishing contacts, connections and collaborations with individual and groups of women.

Applications for this position, funded through a Staring grant from the Faculty of Arts awarded to Dr Marloes Hülsken, should be submitted ultimately 31 October 2023.