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Two PhD positions SCARCE-project (University of Vienna) – deadline 26 October 2023

The ERC project SCARCE (Sustained Concerns: Administration of Mineral Resources in Central Europe, 1550-1850) at the University of Vienna, led by Dr Sebastian Felten is looking for two PhD candidates, starting from 1 January 2024.

The SCARCE project is working at the intersection of history of science and technology, social and economic history, and environmental history . It provides a critical history of today’s stakeholder conflicts by showing how contradictory principles of resource management – economic development, sustainability, and technological innovation – were forged in proto-industrial settings. It explores early modern ways of provisioning for communities, making them available for current debates on environmental degradation and climate emergency.

A range of profiles (history of science, technology, medicine, gender, environmental, social, economic) would fit for the positions, and candidates are encouraged to propose their own project based on own interest and expertise. Project ideas can be discussed informally with Dr Felten by e-mail.

Linguistic skills will be a key selection criterion, as much of the sources and literature are in German and other (East) Central European languages, but there’s room for improving languages on the job and taking a transregional approach with additional archives elsewhere. Deadline for applications is 26 October 2023.