Research School for Economic and Social History


PhD position STONEM-project (Utrecht University) – deadline 5 December 2022

The section Social and Economic History and the section History of International Relations of the Department of History and Art History of Utrecht University and the Utrecht Center for Global Challenges are looking for highly motivated PhD candidates with a background in socio-economic history and a particular interest in long term sustainability processes and well being effects of Dutch production and trade. The PhD will work on commodification processes of ores and metals in conjunction with the development of global supply chains and their effects on sustainability trade-offs.

The project incorporates the question of how can we explain the developments of the Netherlands’ immense effects in global sustainability trade-offs? The huge Dutch imports of raw materials and goods have been causing profound impacts in economic, social, and ecological developments elsewhere on the planet. These trade-offs have historical origins. In this PhD project you will study how from the nineteenth century onwards, scientific knowledge, colonial developments and industrial modernization contributed to the development of transnational production chains of ores and metals.

This research is embedded in a larger research programme Sustainability Trade-offs in the Netherlands’ Entangled Modernisation (STONEM), 1900-2020 at Utrecht University and Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), in connection with Wageningen University and Research, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and other societal partners. The PhD will be part of a research team consisting of a fellow PhD and a Postdoc researcher at TUe.

Applications should be submitted by 5 December 2022.