Research School for Economic and Social History


12 - 16 May 2024
Datini Institute, Prato, Italy

Call for papers ‘Social Mobility in pre-industrial societies: tendencies, causes and effects (13th-18th c.)’ – deadline 1 Nov. 2022

The Executive Committee of the 55th Study Week of the Datini Institute, to be held on 12-16 May 2024 in Prato, Italy, calls for research papers on the theme ‘Social Mobility in pre-industrial societies: tendencies, causes and effects (13th-18th centuries)’. The results of this call for research papers will be presented at during the aforementioned Study Week (12-16 May 2024)

The paper should represent an original contribution and be either generally comparative or a specific case-study that speaks to the larger questions set out here. Participants who are pursuing a PhD, should have completed it before the start of the conference. For the purpose of publication, texts will be accepted in Italian, French, English, Spanish and German.

Papers proposed by projects or collaborative groups that link scholars from different countries and institutions will be assessed with particular interest if they offer a comparative analysis in geographical or diachronic terms across two or more related research themes. The organisers will also consider innovative session formats for these type of proposals. Abstracts and proposals are due by 1 November 2022.

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