Research School for Economic and Social History


PhD position in historical business finance (University of Antwerp) – deadline 30 June 2022

The Department of History in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antwerp is offering a full-time PhD position in historical business finance. The PhD position is linked to the research project The Social History of Finance.

As PhD candidate you will study the development of financial markets in Antwerp and by extension Belgium between 1795 and 2020. You will investigate the size and functioning of capital and money markets and assess their use by local firms and households. Were they accessible to all, or only to large companies. And if so, what alternatives did excluded groups have at their disposal to manage cash flows or finance their investments? Furthermore, what was the relation between peer to peer markets and financial intermediaries such as banks? Were they complements or competitors and how did this evolve over time?

Applications are due by 30 June 2022, first interviews are scheduled for the week of 4 July 2022.