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8 Oct 2021 - 25 Mar 2022
online, register via Louisa King

Invitation to participate in developing Deep Transitions in The Netherlands Research Program and Seminar Series

The UU-TUe-WUR Strategic Alliance has undertaken a project to develop a research program on Deep Transitions, focusing on boosting the transition towards a sustainable and inclusive society, based on a long-term analysis of past, present and future explorations. Together with their societal partners from a range of private and public sector organisations, the organisers would like to implement this program in Spring 2022, and also to invite you to contribute to the development of the research program.

Seminars programme

The organisers have scheduled several online seminars of around 90 minutes in length to explore various relevant topics and receive your inputs and feedback; all seminars will be conducted in English.

Date Seminar topic Presenters
8 Oct. 2021 Introduction to the Project, Deep Transitions, Wellbeing and Sustainability Johan Schot (Utrecht University) & Harry Lintsen (Eindhoven University of Technology)
5 Nov. 2021 Qualitatively Researching Meta-rules and Systems Bram Bouwens (Utrecht University) & Frank Veraart (Eindhoven University of Technology)
10 Dec. 2021 Quantitatively Researching Meta-rules and Systems Johan Schot & Gaston Heimeriks (both Utrecht University)
14 Jan. 2022 Interconnections between Systems Harry Lintsen & Erik van der Vleuten (both Eindhoven University of Technology)
11 Feb. 2022 Deep Transitions, Wellbeing and Sustainability Dynamics Jan-Pieter Smits (Eindhoven University of Technology / Statistics Netherlands) & Harry Lintsen (Eindhoven University of Technology)
11 Mar. 2022 The Second Deep Transition in the Making Barbara van Mierlo & Laurens Klerkx (both Wageningen University & Research)
25 Mar. 2022 Transformative Investing in the Netherlands Johan Schot & Bram Bouwens (both Utrecht University)

Conference (Spring 2022)

In addition to the seminar series, a one-day conference will be held in spring 2022, in which the research program and future agenda will be presented and further discussed. If possible this will be held in person.

How to participate

The organisers would be very appreciative of your participation in the seminars. Please contact Ms. Louisa King to register your interest. She will send you an Outlook invitation including a link to Microsoft Teams for each of the eight occurrences. Further details on each seminar topic will be included.

Additional info

You will find full info in the downloadable pdf (see button below). For additional questions or comments on the research program on Deep Transitions in the Netherlands in the meantime, please contact the program coordinators Bram Bouwens and Frank Veraart.

Full info (pdf download)